I currently reside in DC, where I try to earn a living, and spend most my free time in NYC, visiting my my wonderful fiancee, who I love very much. I also spend a lot of my time messing around with computers. I'm into networking, security, cryptography, and wearable computing. Oh yeah, and I like to rock climb. (btw, that's a picture of me bouldering in Boulder) (:

There are lots of pictures of us up in our picture gallery.
The pictures from Grenada and of my Engagement are awesome. Our tour guide was an amateur photographer and quite a few of the pictures turned out really well.

Interested in what sort of things I read? Take a look at a picture of my bookcase. Also, here's a list of the websites that I frequent:

  • Slashdot - Although it's perhaps been overrun by trolls and mindless zealots, it's still a classic and has a lot of good information. (Kuro5hin and The Register are both good alternatives for the /. weary.)
  • Bugtraq - Gotta love fresh security vulnerability news. Unfortunately bugtraq has somewhat strayed away from its full-disclosure roots. I also read some of the other SecurityFocus mailing lists, such as vuln-dev and pen-test.
  • The Daily Texan - This is UT's student-run newspaper. I've formed the habit of writing a Firing Line (letter to the editor) everytime I get upset about something on campus. (I've even earned the nickname Hintz the Grinch.)
  • The Economist - A good general news source which, contrary to its name, doesn't limit itself to economic news.
  • Yank on This - A site devoted bouldering in central Texas. It has some info on local climbing places and a fairly popular message board. NOTE: The Yank on This domain name seems to have been stolen by a pr0n website.