Current Projects:

World of Warcraft Map - A google maps mashup that shows the World of Warcraft map. Perhaps the first google maps mashup to map a virtual world.

Olly Sync - Olly Sync is an OllyDbg plug-in that enables synchronization with other OllyDbg and IDA Pro users via IDA Sync. The IDA Sync architecture enables collaboration among multiple analysts in real time. It enables information to be shared both across different tools and different versions of the same tool. Never again will you have to save a MAP file from IDA Pro and then load the MAP file into OllyDbg. Never again will you have to keep multiple copies of IDB files with different analyst's notes. Now all the information can be shared and synchronized in real time.

Nike+ and iPod Sport Kit Blog - News and reviews on the Nike and Apple joint product.

World of Warcraft Card Game Blog - Information on the upcoming TCG by UDE set in the WoW universe.

World of Warcraft Search Site - A site that attempts to use Google's new site-flavored searches to create a Warcraft-specific search engine.

DC Real Estate & Google Maps mash-up - The site maps out real estate sales information and provides statistics about property sales in Washington DC.

Old Projects:

Patch Checker for WinNT4/2k - Patchchk verifies that certain patches are installed on remote WinNT4/2k machines.

Gnome Mail Check Applet - I've added CRAM-MD5 support to the Gnome mail check applet.

Traffic Analysis Prevention - I've recently been looking into ways to prevent traffic analysis on the Internet. Traffic analysis is basically the gathering of information by watching paths of communication without knowing the contents of the communication.

Installing VNC using a Remote Command Prompt - This page details how to install VNC onto a remote Windows 2000 computer using a command prompt on the remote computer.

Spectrometer - For my astronomical instrumentation class (AST 351) my team designed and built a computer controlled, scanning, monochrome spectrometer.

Puzzlehunt - Inspired by the Microsoft PuzzleHunt and the MIT Mystery Hunt, Bryan and I decided to organize a puzzlehunt at UT. After months of work and planning, it turned out really well. We had over a hundred people participate and best of all, it looks like a tradition has been started.

smak - It cracks any Win9x share level password in a matter of seconds and tells you what the password is. It's a couple of perl scripts and a modification to the samba client that my roommate and I threw together over a weekend. It uses the exploit discovered by NSFocus.

Diablo 2 Pinger - This is just a quick program for Windows that I threw together to see if the Diablo 2 servers were up.